ARYZTA launches exclusive new Chicken Wing Scullery Sauce !

ARYZTA is delighted to have partnered with ‘The Scullery’, the iconic sauces brand, to launch our very own chicken wing sauce for both the retail and foodservice markets.

This exclusive to ARYZTA sauce is 100% Irish produced, made using fiery red peppers and chillies with no MSG, additives or preservatives. Unlike other chicken wing sauces, there is no need to add butter and it is ideal for tossing on chicken wings, tenders or goujons, but can also be used as a marinade. It also works extremely well as a straight-up sauce on chicken or beef burgers, grilled steak or nachos.

When conducting taste tests, this sauce emerged as a clear-cut winner time and time again, giving standard food fare a real zingy kick which customers appear to love. Whether operating in retail or foodservice, this new ‘Scullery’ sauce will almost certainly help to enhance the taste experience of your customers so make sure you add it to your offerings as soon as possible.

To order your ARYZTA ‘Scullery Sauce’ today, call us on 1850 777 000 (ROI) or 028 9260 3222 (NI).