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Our story

At ARYZTA Food Solutions, we are united by a passion for food and the desire to help food businesses serve memorable taste experiences to their customers.

Our heritage dates back to the 19th Century when we began life as an agricultural wholesaler in Ireland, and today we are, as we were back then, still absolutely committed to producing the highest quality products from the finest possible ingredients.

Our recipe for success begins first and foremost with a deep understanding of food. Pure and simple. We use the reach of our extensive network to navigate global food trends and have developed a holistic understanding of the international food market. We then share this knowledge and work alongside partners and suppliers to uncover trends, insights and new food opportunities. Our pursuit of excellence in food will never cease.

To meet the needs of different food businesses in both retail and foodservice across the island of Ireland, we have developed and enhanced our portfolio of specialist brands, all of which have for many years delivered value and growth for our partners and customers.

Our portfolio of brands include;

Cuisine de France
Our Cuisine de France brand has been a huge success story in Ireland over the past 30 years or so. Our master-bakers have been creating unique and much-loved breads, pastries and other baked goods for multiple generations of Irish. Those who have grown-up loving Cuisine de France breads and pastries are now passing this love on to their very own children. With over 550 locations across Ireland, it is clear that the high-quality products and Boulangerie style experience is providing the ultimate in-store bakery solution for our retail customers.

Our Hiestand brand is our specialist bakery brand which has produced high-quality breads and pastries for over 50 years. Drawing on the tradition of the artisan style of baking, it offers a wondrous range of baked goods, both sweet and savoury, all of which have been crafted to deliver the freshest taste experience possible for customers.

La Carte
Our La Carte brand is a mid-market food brand suitable for both the retail and foodservice sectors that offers a wide product range from fresh ingredients to finished meals and everything in between. The La Carte range has been carefully selected to balance flavour, quality and value, allowing ARYZTA to provide our mid-market customers with a well-rounded food solution.

Coup de Pates
Our Coup de Pates brand is a specialist and premium foodservice brand which is truly unique to Ireland. Its uniqueness is centred around its ability to marry an international outlook in terms of the food offering, with the tradition and innovation of world-renowned French gastronomy. The fabulous range available from Coup de Pates includes bread, viennoisserie, French pâtisserie. savoury, reception and semi-finished products.

Our Pierre’s brand is synonymous with high quality savoury products for all hot-delis in the retail convenience sector. The brand offers a premium range of chicken products and a selection of other premium savoury items. It is also home to our now famous Clonakilty and Ballymaloe Relish sausage roll which every deli in Ireland worth its salt should have.

Seattle’s Best Coffee
Together with ARYZTA’s retail and category knowledge and Starbuck’s coffee expertise, the Seattle’s Best Coffee beverage range has been designed to meet the needs of consumers across the out of home market. 
Seattle’s Best Coffee is sourced with the same high standards of Starbuck’s Coffee, using only the finest Arabica beans (100%), which are also Fairtrade certified. Our coffee is specifically roasted to suit the Irish coffee consumer.

Our Otis brand is the home of our American sweet-bakery offering for both retail and foodservice. The Otis range of donuts, cookies and muffins combines all of the classic flavours of American culture with new-fangled creations that are jam packed with high-quality ingredients, glazes and fillings which satisfy the taste-buds of old and young alike.

Make ‘n’ Bake
Our Make ‘n’ Bake brand is the latest addition to the ARYZTA brand family, with its range of pre-mixes and inclusions suitable for both retail and foodservice. Its greatest asset is most certainly the flexibility of the product range, allowing those who use it, in just a few easy steps, to Make ‘n’ Bake a wide variety of cakes, breads and confectioneries which deliver a consistent ‘scratch bakery’ feel.

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