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Serving Inspiration – Launch Products

1. Sourdough Bloomer

A naturally hydrated, bubbly and tangy dough, the original and unique Sourdough Starter is composed of flour, water and amazingly, organic grapes! It was created over 25 years ago on the west coast of America and has been nurtured and cared-for by Aryzta ever since!
Sourdough bread has experienced a real resurgence in popularity in recent times amongst the bread lovers of Ireland. You would certainly be hard pressed to find a store, supermarket or café worth its salt that does not stock some form of this finest of breads. Possessing a slightly chewy crust and a soft moist crumb, the bread is marvellously versatile, working well for everything from gourmet sandwiches to buttered toast and of course everything in between. Furthermore, recent research has also indicated that the slow fermentation process of the yeast during the baking of sourdough is beneficial to the digestive system – breaking the stereotypical negative impression of white bread.
Our new Sourdough Bloomer, so-called as the loaf expands along the score lines and ‘blooms’ as it bakes, is a new addition to our range of Cuisine de France breads. But don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.
To find out more about Cuisine de France and our Cuisine de France range, please click here.

2. Spelt & Beetroot Rustic Roll

Sitting under our Hiestand range, this demi rectangle shaped Spelt & Beetroot Rustic Roll possesses a vibrant colour and nutty flavour and is topped with nutritious sunflower seeds. This ‘on-trend’ bread is prefect as a hipster sandwich carrier, or on its own with some butter for dipping into soup.
It is a bread that can sit comfortably in both retail and foodservice, but it particularly impresses in retail. Sitting in a deli as a carrier for ready-made gourmet sandwiches, it really catches the eye of the consumer. In addition, Spelt has become a very important and highly popular ingredient in the health food movement over the last number of years, making it something that retailers can no longer choose to ignore. So shake up your deli menu by adding our Spelt and Beetroot Rustic Roll to it!
To find out more about Hiestand and our Hiestand range, please click here.

3. Raspberry Crown

This award-winning (Winner – Best Morning Good 2016 – QAwards) Cuisine de France pastry is a rich, buttery, flaky pastry filled with a delicious raspberry compote. It is positively bursting with the aromatic flavours of fresh raspberries, so believe us when we say it is a true delight.
It is also visually very appealing, standing out from the crowd on any in-store bakery fixture due to its vibrant compote colour, and the eating experience doesn’t disappoint either. Retailer after retailer has commented that it brings their in-store bakery to a new level, adding a touch of class to their offering. So add a touch of class to your in-store bakery and add the Cuisine de France Raspberry Crown to your range!
To find out more about Cuisine de France and our Cuisine de France range, please click here.

4. Clonakilty Black Pudding & Ballymaloe Sausage Roll

ARYZTA has come together with 2 iconic food brands, Clonakilty & Ballymaloe, to create this exceptional food-to-go product which has quickly become a favourite amongst our customers.

Ballymaloe Relish
Ballymaloe Country Relish was originally created by the Michelin star winning Myrtle Allen in her kitchen in Ballymaloe House. Today, the relish is made by her daughter Yasmin using the same secret recipe, creating a delicate balance of tomatoes and gentle spices that perfectly complement a range of dishes.

Clonakilty Black Pudding
First made in the 1880’s, Clonalkilty Black Pudding is today made to the same secret recipe using traditional methods. It is this special blend of ingredients combining beef, oatmeal, onions and beef blood with a blend of spices that gives Clonakilty its unique taste, crumbly texture and distinctive flavour.

The Sausage Roll
Sitting under our La Carte brand, this exclusive, gourmet food-to-go product which is 100% Irish is made with a delicious blend of succulent pork sausage and Clonakilty black pudding, flavoured with Ballymaloe Relish, all of which is wrapped up in a delectable flaky pastry.

Launched in early 2017, it has fast become a must-have for retail hot counters, providing consumers with a superior taste experience, better than anything they would have previously encountered. This ‘big eat’ product really delivers on taste and quality and will keep consumers coming back for more!

To find out more about La Carte and our La Carte range, please click here.

5. Otis S’Mores Donut

The S’Mores donut from our exciting range of Otis donuts represents the very best of our American Sweet Bakery offer. Filled with a velvety marshmallow cream and topped with a rich chocolate glaze and crunchy biscuit pieces, this donut really is an incredible taste experience.
The Otis range taps into the indulgence experience, something which consumers are now embracing once again. The first question people ask after eating an Otis donut is usually, “Can I have another one?!”.
To find out more about Otis and our Otis range, please click here.

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