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Sourdough Bloomer

A naturally hydrated, bubbly and tangy dough, the original and unique Sourdough Starter is composed of flour, water and amazingly, organic grapes! It was created over 25 years ago on the west coast of America and has been nurtured and cared-for by Aryzta ever since!

Sourdough bread has experienced a real resurgence in popularity in recent times amongst the bread lovers of Ireland. You would certainly be hard pressed to find a store, supermarket or café worth its salt that does not stock some form of this finest of breads. Possessing a slightly chewy crust and a soft moist crumb, the bread is marvellously versatile, working well for everything from gourmet sandwiches to buttered toast and of course everything in between. Furthermore, recent research has also indicated that the slow fermentation process of the yeast during the baking of sourdough is beneficial to the digestive system – breaking the stereotypical negative impression of white bread.

Our new Sourdough Bloomer, so-called as the loaf expands along the score lines and ‘blooms’ as it bakes, is a new addition to our range of Cuisine de France breads. But don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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