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Spelt & Beetroot Rustic Roll

Sitting under our Hiestand range, this demi rectangle shaped Spelt & Beetroot Rustic Roll possesses a vibrant colour and nutty flavour and is topped with nutritious sunflower seeds. This ‘on-trend’ bread is prefect as a hipster sandwich carrier, or on its own with some butter for dipping into soup.

It is a bread that can sit comfortably in both retail and foodservice, but it particularly impresses in retail. Sitting in a deli as a carrier for ready-made gourmet sandwiches, it really catches the eye of the consumer. In addition, Spelt has become a very important and highly popular ingredient in the health food movement over the last number of years, making it something that retailers can no longer choose to ignore. So shake up your deli menu by adding our Spelt and Beetroot Rustic Roll to it!

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