Understand Your Consumers with Seattle’s

Are you looking for a new coffee solution for your business? Our Seattle’s Best Coffee is the answer for you. Not only do our machines provide your consumers with great tasting coffee, our machines can have Telemetry installed on them.

Telemetry is a program that transforms the way we look at convenience coffee. Unlike other solutions, we provide you with the tools to track sales on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Our brand empowers businesses to monitor in store performance and quickly align themselves with their consumers behaviour.

As a result, stores can identify trends, understand their consumers purchasing habits, preferences and report on sales performance with ease from the touch of a button. What makes Telemetry great is that this data can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as the website is available on any desktop or mobile device.

Benefits of Telemetry

  • Insightful real time category analysis
  • Manage your businesses stock levels
  • Schedule monthly reports to download straight to your email account
  • Technical Downtime Information
  • Support

Want to learn more about what Seattle’s Best Coffee can do for you? Call: ROI -1850 777 000 & NI 028 9262 2200 or email us at afsordering@aryzta.com for more information.