Wrapped Products for Your Store

During these unprecedented times, businesses now more than ever have had to rapidly adapt to our new way of life with a particular focus on product handling, social distancing and employee well-being. These changes haven’t been easy but as a nation it has been incredible to see the quick turnaround across the retail sector to provide a safe space for consumers.

Although shopping habits have changed it is important to remember that consumers are still shopping across all categories and are continually looking for high quality baked goods and sweet treats to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

Cuisine de France has a number of favourites that are freshly baked in store which can be packaged for consumers to enjoy. Alternatively we also have a wide range of products that come individually wrapped, ready to sell. From muffins to cookies our wrapped products require little to no product handling and also have a longer shelf life which may allow for less wastage.

For our freshly baked in store range our Business Development Team at ARYZTA are busy assisting their customers on packaging solutions, working together to find innovative solutions and boosting sales with multi buy offerings, ‘Make and Bake’ products and at home food to go offerings.

one off our wrapped products - muffinsanother one of our wrapped products - fruit danish

one off our wrapped products - cookies







If you are interested in introducing some of our wrapped products to your store get in touch. If you currently trade with us contact your local business developer. If not, no problem, call us on: ROI -1850 777 000 & NI 028 9262 2200 or email us at afsordering@aryzta.com. If you are an existing customer with us you can avail of our Web Shop by clicking here and log in / sign up to place your orders with us today.